Capstone: Andreas Jakl, Tieto

How to bring people to new worlds?

Each tool modifies, extends or improves a tiny aspect of our daily life. That’s the goal of every mobile app – Augmented Reality and Wearables are just the most recent hypes. However: what are the possibilities to inject actually useful information into the world of the user? The planning of remarkable apps that achieve exactly that does already start with the user experience and combines it in a novel way with other immersive technologies like location based services. We will take a look at the recipes for success and inspiring apps that managed to build this bridge!


Andreas Jakl is working with mobile apps since 2004. As Mobility Expert at Tieto, he brings the business partner’s vision of mobile strategies to life. Together with the Community, he is organizing the Mobile Developer After-Work events, where expert developers share their knowledge. As Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Windows Development, he publishes open source libraries for immersive technologies like Bluetooth Beacons and NFC.