All Around Audio Symposium


Products – Applications – Environments

plus special track: Sound in Animation

The fourth edition of our trans-disciplinary symposium All Around Audio will take place on Wednesday, November 28rd 2018. This year’s event will – not only in temporal terms – interconnect our two in-house conferences In Wirklichkeit Animation … and Forum Media Technology. The symposium will again be part of the International Week of the department Media and Digital Technologies. Therefore, it is particularly (but not exclusively) addressed to our Erasmus partners. In order to fulfill the teaching requirements of Erasmus+Teaching Mobility, the symposium will be offered as an optional course for students of our Bachelor and Master Programs.

Inspired by the preceeding conference In Wirklichkeit Animation … (, this year’s symposium will dedicate its morning slot to the topic Sound in Animation focusing on aspects of Speech & Rhythm, Film & Music Studies, Sound Design, Music Visualization, Animated Sound, and Augmented & Virtual Reality.

Considering current developments, such as Industry 4.0, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Ubiquitous and Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile Applications, Digital Healthcare, eMobility, or SmartCity, the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 was a major step towards the Internet of Things as it has been proclaimed by technology pioneer Kevin Ashton in 1999. The design and functionality of applications and devices has vastly changed since, and with it the contexts and environments around audio, the term embracing anything related to acoustic creation and auditory perception.

One of the most challenging tasks brought into play by these new technologies in regard to aspects of audio is the decoupling of the cause-effect relationship of sounding events. Not only do devices such as smart phones and tablets pursue an universal design approach without any specific attributes in terms of their functionality (other than mp3players with distinctive operational buttons), with the emergence of eMobility the creation of artificial sound environments has even become a vital task. By the loss of physical acoustic causality on the one hand and an increasing demand for individuality (cf. also to the lot-size-one paradigm of Industry 4.0) on the other hand, completely new chances and challenges have arisen for audio researchers and designers in order to develop physical (e.g. sounding matters, haptic devices) and virtual interfaces as well as to re-design acoustic environments, in an informational, atmospheric and also in an artistic sense with a particular focus on 3D and binaural audio.

Although audio has not abandoned its status as a standalone discipline, its trans-disciplinary participation at the conception and design of products and environments has become more and more essential. In this sense, All Around Audio is not only addressed to specialists of the audio domain but particularly encourages researchers and designers from other fields to participate in the symposium in order to identify new trans-disciplinary intersections and fields of interest for future collaborations and building a scientific network. Therefore, participants of any field, even touching aspects of audio only peripherally, are invited to give short presentations on either their fields of interest or on their visions about the integration of audio in their specific topics.

Besides audio domain experts (such as acoustics, acoustic ecology, music, auditory display), we would be very happy to encourage researchers and designers from fields such as, but not limited to, interaction design, product design, gaming, city planning and development, architecture, electrical engineering, computer science, digital healthcare, medical technology, traffic, mechanical engineering (to name just a few) to share their insights and expertise.