Call for Papers 2015

Audiovisual, interactive and mobile media interfuse our every day life. In almost all our areas of life, they change our behaviour and affect our perception, our thinking and feeling. The ICM/T – Institute for CreativeMedia/Technologies explores the challenges and potentials resulting for the economy and society and works on creative solutions for media-based living environments.
Contributions are sought for the seventh Forum Media Technology, presenting current results of applied research and development, new theoretical and scientific findings or case studies and projects, formats, services and prototypes related to real life.
The Forum Media Technology aims at fostering an intensive dialogue between experts working at agencies, studios and production companies and students, lecturers, researchers and developers and at providing a basis of new cooperation.

In order to foster the urgently required exchange of various disciplines in the huge field of digital media, the Forum Media Technology intentionally puts its focus on a wide range of content and on interdisciplinary dialogues at the intersection of new technological possibilities, creative design and economic, social and cultural framework requirements.
Subject-specific presentations and panels in the fields of TV- and Video Production, Postproduction, Audio Design, Mobile Internet, Media Computing and Experimental Media are to stimulate creative exchange of ideas.

  • High Dynamic Range Video Production, PostProduction and Technologies
  • Innovative Audio – New Applications for Music, Sound Design and Sonic Interaction
  • Mobile
  • Digital Health Care
  • Digital Media Experience
  • Digital Archives and Cultural Heritage
  • Technology-based business models
  • Neue Formen der Mediennutzung und ihre Messung
  • Digital Media Experience

You can find an overview of all topics here.

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