Advanced Digital Content

Advanced Digital Content

The penetration of all our life situations by omnipresent digital media (technologies) has apparently become a matter of course: Multifunctional mobile terminal devices, broadband networks, new forms of interaction with machines, new means of distribution, consumption and storage of audiovisual contents, new experiences from innovative developments of communication in social networks, etc. The user behaviour changes just as fast as the trusted workflows. The challenges, potentials and innovations that emerge for conception, production and development of formats, contents and tools are to be discussed intensively in the course of the fifth Forum Media Technology.

We require contributions presenting current results of applied research and development, new theoretical and scientific findings or case studies and practice-oriented projects, formats, services and prototypes in the topical field of Advanced Digital Content.

Focus of content

The Forum Media Technology aspires to an interdisciplinary exchange. Therefore, the topic Advanced Digital Content may be broadly addressed and is open for submissions of various disciplines. Contributions may focus on the following aspects:

  • Innovative production systems and workflows for audiovisual content
  • Augmented and mixed reality in TV productions and at live performances
  • 3D camera technologies and production
  • High- versus low-tech: advantages and disadvantages in the production routine
  • Current trends in 2D and 3D computer graphic and animation
  • Current trends and technologies in sound design and media music
  • New media formats, new forms of distribution, new forms of presentation
  •  …